Title Category filetype Date
Study credit for the competition, preliminary studies, design and submission of the new mcb-a, as well as for the ideas competition for the "Halle CFF aux locomotives" site Political Information 19/05/2010
150 dossiers, en provenance de 16 pays Press 10/09/2010
300 people visit the site Press 02/10/2010
Second phase of the project and ideas competition Press 23/11/2010
Phase 1 : the future mcb-a Architectural Information pdf 20/06/2011
Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, convention sur l’échange foncier, octroi d’une subvention d’investissement Political Information 05/10/2011
Plan d’affectation cantonal (PAC) Architectural Information 16/08/2012
Mise à l’enquête du plan d'affectation cantonal Press 22/08/2012
Don de 5 millions de francs Press 20/09/2012
18 oppositions au plan d’affectation cantonal (PAC) Press 01/10/2012
Architecture Rotate your device to see the construction evolution.

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