A Chair and You

28.10.2022 – 26.02.2023
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Under Your Smell

03.03 – 21.05.2023

Photo Elysée presents the exhibition Under Your Smell, a truly immersive experience exploring notions of beauty, identity and gender. Under the direction of Florence Tétier (Jean Paul Gaultier’s creative director) and Nicolas Coulomb (photographer and consultant for Novembre Magazine), students of the Bachelor Photography of the ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne offer a visual interpretation of Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes.

Jardin d’Hiver #2 Poems of Change

10.03 – 21.05.2023

Placée sous le commissariat de Simon Würsten Marin, la deuxième édition de Jardin d’Hiver, exposition biennale consacrée à la scène artistique contemporaine de la région, explore les questions de changement, d’instabilité et de vulnérabilité, et fait la part belle à la diversité des modes d’expression.

Gabriel Lippmann

03.03 – 21.05.2023

This exhibition is the culmination of several years of collaborative work by Photo Elysée. It highlights images from the Gabriel Lippmann collection held at the museum and produced using the interferential technique – the color process for which Gabriel Lippmann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1908.

The Collection

Permanent presentation

« Come and see here what you won’t see elsewhere! » is the slogan for the permanent exhibition, laid out chronologically over two floors to showcase treasures from Vaud’s art collections, with some three hundred works dating from the eighteenth century to the present day.


03.03 – 21.05.2023

This exhibition traces the history of blur in photography, from the invention of the process to the present. With comparisons to painting and cinema, it tells the story – via key works – of the evolution of this form, as well as of the values associated with it according to the different periods and photographic practices.

Balthus the Draftsman

03.02 – 23.04.2023

The exhibition features a selection of drawings by Balthus which the artist’s family has placed with the museum as long-term loans.

Silvie Defraoui. The Tremor of Certitude

10.03 – 21.05.2023

Interrogeant notre rapport à l’image et la façon dont celle-ci médiatise le réel, l’exposition met à l’honneur Silvie Defraoui et propose de parcourir les 30 dernières années de travail d’une figure majeure de la scène artistique suisse.

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Other exhibitions

Signal L

Ian Party x Swiss Film Archive
Immersion Typographique


The designer Ian Party invests Le Signal L, the new exhibition space of Plateforme 10, with Immersion Typographique, an installation conceived in collaboration with the mudac around the poster collections of the Cinémathèque suisse.


With the support of the Leenaards Foundation.


Opening on 27 October from 6 pm


To be seen from 28 October 2022 to 29 January 2023

The Arcades

The arcades are home to the Arcadia restaurant, the Nabi bar, the Espace créatif Caran d’Ache and art studios.


Espace créatif Caran d'Ache



From 16 November, Anaïs Coulon will be back at the Espace créatif Caran d’Ache with “DREAMSCAPE”, an anamorphic installation that takes up her work around the landscape: a colourful version of the Alpine landscape.


Anaïs Coulon grew up in a family of artists whose bohemian and colourful atmosphere influences her work today. After graduating from the Geneva School of Art and Design, she quickly worked as a graphic designer and experimented with numerous projects in various fields, both cultural and private. Over the years, she has developed a poetic language, on the borderline between graphic design and illustration. Often inspired by nature, her visuals alternate between luxuriance and minimalism and invite a certain contemplation. Curious and versatile, she explores different creative media and has recently developed her work in painting and on ceramics.

Upcoming shows

Dialogue between an Octopus and a Juicer

07.04.2023 – 07.01.2024

mudac reveals the treasures of its collection in a dedicated exhibition that offers a surprising and quirky exploration of the diversity of the museum’s collection from design to contemporary applied arts.

Beirut. The Eras of Design

07.04 – 06.08.2023

Beirut. The Times of Design tries to grasp the dynamic lines that have enabled design to develop in Lebanon.

The CAYC Group: Buenos Aires – Lausanne

19.05 – 27.08.2023

Dans les années 1970 et 1980, deux personnalités prolifiques se sont entendues pour mettre en place des échanges artistiques entre Lausanne et Buenos Aires : René Berger, directeur du MCBA, et Jorge Glusberg, directeur du CAYC (Centro de Arte y Comunicación).

Emily Jacir. We Ate The Wind

26.05 – 27.08.2023

Pour son intervention dans l’Espace Projet, Emily Jacir (*1972, Santiago du Chili, vit et travaille à Bethléem, Palestine) revisite les questions de territoires et de temporalités qui sont au cœur de son travail.

Magdalena Abakanowicz. Textile Territories

23.06 – 24.09.2023

Pour sa première grande exposition au Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts sur le site de Plateforme 10, la Fondation Toms Pauli propose de redécouvrir l’œuvre saisissante de Magdalena Abakanowicz (1930 – 2017), pionnière de l’art textile et artiste majeure de la sculpture du XXe siècle.

Laia Abril

30.06 – 01.10.2023

Artist Laia Abril (Spain, 1986) uses photography, archival documents and multimedia to create her highly political projects, often related to feminist issues and imbued with sociological, historical and anthropological insights. Her long-term projects are structured into different chapters.

The artist will be presenting her latest project at Photo Elysée: On Mass Hysteria (Genesis Chapter), the first draft of which led to her nomination for the Prix Elysée (2018-2020). Mass hysteria is a reaction to circumstances in which women are under extreme stress, feel repressed, or are forced into situations where they cannot communicate or express their thoughts and emotions.

On Mass Hysteria allows us to visualize this language of the pain of female representation throughout history.


30.06 – 01.10.2023

In partnership with the EPFL+ECAL Lab, Photo Elysée is developing an interactive and immersive installation dedicated to the books in its library. This experimental approach relies on emerging technologies associated with design research in order to propose a new form of digital exhibition.

At the same time, Photo Elysée is exhibiting a selection of books from its library, which contains more than 30,000 works. With the advent of digital interactivity, photography books are experiencing an unprecedented boom, testifying to the vitality of the sector today.

Prix Elysée

30.06 – 01.10.2023

The Prix Elysée is the result of a partnership initiated in 2014 between Photo Elysée and Parmigiani Fleurier. The winner of the 5th edition of the Prix Elysée will be announced in 2023. Among the 139 applications received, eight artists from around the world were nominated last year. They were each awarded the sum of CHF 5,000.- to pursue an original project. Each of the eight projects will be submitted to a jury of professionals from the world of photography that will then choose the winner of the 5th edition of the Prix Elysée.

Published by Photo Elysée, eight small books, presenting the works of the nominees, are available either individually or in a boxed set with a limited edition print by each artist. Editions Photo Elysée. Artistic Director: Ramon Pez; printed by Artiere Edizioni (Bologna).

The eight nominees for the fifth edition are Vincen Beeckman (BE), Debi Cornwall (US), Siân Davey (UK), Nicolai Howalt (DK), Khashayar Javanmardi (IR), Alice Mann (ZA), Gloria Oyarzabal (ES) and Virginie Rebetez (CH). A winner will be chosen from among the nominees by an international jury: the selected artist will be awarded CHF 80,000.- and will publish a book at the end of this two-year adventure.

Steinlen. Swipe of the Claws and Velvet Paws

22.09.2023 – 18.02.2024

MCBA is pleased to celebrate Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, a wonderful eyewitness to the Belle Époque in Paris. The show features for the first time an extensive group of works from the Paul and Tina Stohler Donation.

Immersion. The Origins: 1949-1969

27.10.2023 – 03.03.2024

With a dozen or so immersive environments by a range of artists, from Lucio Fontana to Judy Chicago, Immersion is the first exhibition to look at an emerging practice that was to become one of the major forms of expression starting in the 1990s.