Ballet #2
artistic performance
by Marie-Caroline Hominal

The dancer Marie-Caroline Hominal invited the public to an hallucinated carnival


Invited by the mudac, and as part of a series of performative events intended to animate the construction site, Marie-Caroline Hominal offered an extraordinary visit of the site on November 1st, at 6:30 pm with the piece “Ballet #2”. The latter is part of a set of performances that are invitations made to artists from different universes to create a fanciful parade.

Alone or combinated, their actions have drawn, during the stroll, living pictures, fragments of narratives and poetic instants. The public was led to immerse and abandon itself to the site, exploited for the occasion as a stage for the performance, as many scenes possible.

Performance “Ballet #2” by Marie-Caroline Hominal
In collaboration and with Zerbo Mamadou, Samuel Pajand, Sandro Rossetti, Véronique Rapin, Ivan Blagajcevic, Heleen Treichler, Victor Roy

Wednesday November 1st, 2017 at 6.30pm (access from 6pm)
On PLATEFORME 10 site, Lausanne (near the train station)
Free entrance, without registration

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