Vallotton Retrospective in London and New York 2019–2020


The Royal Academy of Arts in London and straight after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will present in 2019-2020 a Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) retrospective, organized jointly by both institutions, in collaboration with the Félix Vallotton Foundation.
This is an unprecedented event for the artist, as it will be his first solo exhibition of paintings and prints in world-renowned British and Newyork museums. It will include approximately twenty xylographs and fifty paintings from public and private collections, including masterpieces that have long since not been shown in public. All periods of Vallotton's career will be represented, from the early portraits to the oneiric composed landscapes of maturity, from the street scenes and enigmatic interiors of the 1890s, with their engraved corollaries, the famous Intimacies, to the fluidly contoured nudes and the strikingly truthful still lifes.

The dates to remember if wishing to meet the “masterful painter and printmaker, the magnetic, provocative and daring” Vallotton seen in the Anglo-Saxon light:

London, Royal Academy of Arts: 30 June-29 September 2019
New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art: 29 October 2019-26 January 2020

More informations on the Royal Academy of Arts website

Photo : Félix Vallotton, Dame-jeanne et caisse, 1925, huile sur toile,
73 x 100 cm, Dallas (Texas), The Barrett Collection
© Fondation Félix Vallotton, Lausanne

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