The Fondation Toms Pauli in Manchester and Zurich


In autumn 2015, The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and the Bellerive Museum in Zurich presented two exhibitions on the subject of artistic filiations around the textile medium and presented several works by the Fondation Toms Pauli.

In its exhibition spaces, The Whitworth Art Gallery questioned the ambivalent status of textile art and showed how creators have used the medium as a tool for social, political and artistic expression since the 1960s, while the Bellerive Museum was interested in decorative textiles developed on wall hangings, tapestries and cushions since the 1910s until contemporary design.

Beatrix Sitter-Liver, Zenith, 1989
Fondation Toms Pauli, photo: © Alain Chudeau
Françoise Ragno, Isère, 1977
Fondation Toms Pauli, photo: © Fibbi-Aeppli
Magdalena Abakanowicz, Abakan rouge III, 1970-1971
Fondation Toms Pauli, photo: © Arnaud Conne

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