Artistic Performance
by Les Sœurs H

A video and sound art performance
by “Les Sœurs H”


Invited by the Musée de l’Elysée, “Les Sœurs H” invested the site of the future Lausanne art district with a performance on Thursday, October 5th. This event is part of a series of performative actions organized by PLATEFORME 10 to animate the site throughout the duration of the works.

Since 2011, Les Sœurs H have created video and sound installations, the specificity of which is to confront and interrogate two disciplines — video and dramatic writing — and to propose, from a narrative fragmented, a singular journey to the spectator. Together, artists offer hybrid narrative spaces halfway between the visual arts and the stage form.

Very attached to form, Les Sœurs H always try to start from the small, the banal, the intimate and shift them from reality, developing visual floating universes, staged displays and trafficked images composed with textual overlays. By exploring language and sound, they create off-beat universes, imposing on the spectator a singular temporality, a strange reading and listening activity, at the edge of our normal habits. Les Sœurs H have always collaborated with Maxime Bodson, sound designer and musician.

For this performance, the building site was at the heart of the proposal. Use the space as it is, as raw as possible and by addressing a theme that their cherish: childhood and adolescence. Les Sœurs H developed this project more precisely around the notion of transition and construction, which characterize the particular period between childhood and adolescence. A period of life that can be compared to a large building site.

Architecture Rotate your device to see the construction evolution.

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